Head Installation

At any given time, you can swap one head for another, provided the unit is not performing any operation.
Swapping heads enable certain options in the FABUI interface itself, so for example you won’t be able to launch a subtractive job (e.g. Milling, Laser Engraving) if the head installed does not support that operation.
For Most Heads you are asked to install a new head each time the head is removed physically from the carriage.
This is not true for Custom made heads, Head Development Kits and the Milling head V2.

Regardless of the physical operations to perform on each head, an head must be selected and manually installed on the FABUI user interface.
To do so go to Maintenance > Head.

The current installed head will be showed here with a picture, and will subsequentially be shown in the top menu bar.
On the drop down menu, select the head you wish to install and press Install.
The FABUI will set up the machine accordingly.

Profile Management

The Head Profile manager, which can be summoned by selecting the Edit button, allows to copy or create and edit profiles for all heads.
You can add custom Gcodes, change steps/unit and much more.
Use this feature only if you know how to operate on these parameters.
Be aware that using custom profiles may disrupt the normal operations of the unit and may cause damage to the head itself.

Once saved the profile can be also exported and downloaded.