First Setup

Have you already unboxed the FABtotum Personal Fabricator? Now it’s time to do the first setup and unit calibration!

The unit Calibration of the FABtotum is a critical step in all future operations. A non-calibrated unit is unable to perform most basic task like printing and milling. Using a non-calibrated hardware could even damage the unit in the long run!
After unboxing, setting up the machine and connecting to it with your favourite browser, you’ll be prompted with a setup/configuration wizard.

  • Once connected to the FABtotum via ethernet cable, you’ll be prompted to initialize the unit operating system (FABUI Colibri) click ok and follow the instructions to proceed.

  • The OS will be installed in a few minutes.

  • Now it’s time to enter your settings and read carefully all the safety notices, also available on

  • Enter the username (email) Name, Surname and password.
    these will be used to access and operate the device.

  • This passage is not mandatory, but you can set up a short name for your unit (a-z 0-9) that will be always accessible in your local Wlan/Lan (in this example http://fab01.local/ )

  • Choose the Wlan you wish your unit will be connected to.

  • The procedure is finished, the installation will be finalized and you will be redirected to the onboard FABtotum User Interface (FABUI)

The calibration wizard

After the first setup you’ll be able to use the “calibration wizard” (either by clicking on the pop-up alert or going to Maintenance→ first setup).
You can do all the wizard operations later by using the Maintenance menu.

Now follow the instructions on the screen and complete each step as requested.
You can read more about the calibration procedure in the following articles: