FABtotum FABUI Software Overview

The FABUI is the onboard user interface of the FABtotum Personal Fabricator. It’s used to store and launch all the “jobs” like 3D printing, milling, etc.
To connect to the FABUI with your browser please refer to the first setup page.

After having setup the machine, unless otherwise specified, the FABUI will be accessible at once the FABtotum is switched on and connected directly to your computer via LAN cable.

here some of the main features you can access once connected to the FABUI

  • Login Screen

    The login screen allows to secure the session to a single user. Files and projcts will be “locked” or shared between users based on the login.

  • FABUI dashboard

    The dashboard is the first page you see once connected and logged in the FABtotum.

  • The Controls

    The FABUI controls and menu are locate around the main page, that is dynamically loaded with different contents

  • Job Management

    The FABUI allows to monitor , start, pause and stop any manufacturing job and have it run without the need of a connected computer. Il will also send an email notification when the task has been completed.

  • Project Manager

    The project Manager is where you can upload and manage files for manufacturing: 3D printing, Milling, Laser engraving etc.

  • JOG

    The JOG menu is used to manually move the gantry and enter direct comands (suggested for expert users only)

  • Updates

    The Updates Menu allows you to quickly install available updates directly from the internet once they become available.