FABTOTUM’s Contest #2: The COLIBRI effect

3D Printer Software Online and Open Source: FABUI COLIBRI

Dear all,

last week COLIBRI left the nest and made its first flight around.
It has flown in many houses and reports are coming back: and that’s what we want to hear from you. How is it going? How is it behaving? Are you already playing with it?



The COLIBRI effect contest

Have you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? Well, we want to see the COLIBRI one!

The FABUI COLIBRI is still beta, meaning we still need some days to see how it goes and adjust it where needed. Luckily, FABtotum has a great community around the world that can try and follow endless different paths that would require the Team too much time to replicate.

Start playing with us: we started together a while ago, it’s time to get together again and make FABUI COLIBRI better!
How to? Simply report us as much as you can, we’ll make a list and a chart of the most influential, active users and reward them. A free spool to the top 5 among you!

How to enter:
Visit the link below and add logs. The Team will review all the comments and feedbacks. The Team will then make a chart of the most interesting logs. Number and quality will then be mixed to get the final winners.



Times and places:
The contest will officially start on 27th of March at 6pm (GMT+1) and will last until 31st March at 12am (GMT+1) . Winners will be announced with a newsletter between 3rd April and 25th April as soon as the list has been reviewed and.
Any FABtotum owner can partecipate from any place in the world.
Previous logs and reports will be as well counted if the publisher will partecipate.

The top 5 active users will receive a free spool between the standard PLA/ABS ones depending on availability. Winners will be contacted privately via email to check the details within 72h from the newsletter confirming the names.


Read the full Terms&Conditions here



Ready, steady, go!