Hi all!

This year we want to see how you can show us your love for 3D printing… Or to your beloved one using 3D printing… Or using your Milling Head… Or your Laser Head
Well, you see, you have many options.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we want to start our series of contests: get your project shared with us, tag us and win our small gift!

The red string of Fate:
The theme of 2017’s Valentine’s contest is just a tip, and it comes from an ancient Chinese legend: have you ever heard of it? Here you have it, shortly:
Every one of us has from birth date an invisible red string tangled on the little finger of the left hand. The other end of the same string is on the destinated lover, no matter how far. The two are meant to meet each other somehow and somewhere. The red string will never break.

Why did we choose this one?
Easy: we want to see your ideas popping up, we want you to show us what you can get out of the box.
The one with the highest number of likes+shares will win a free red PLA filament!


Be social!
So, we need you to be social addicted now: are you already following us? Here below you’ll find our accounts: these are the ones you’ll need to use when you publish your ideas. Feel free to post them on our Facebook page, on Twitter tagging us or Instagram. We’ll collect them in a gallery at the end of the contest!

Times and places of the contest

  1. The contest is active from 9th February at 11.00am GMT+1 until 15th February at 5.30pm GMT+1.
  2. The winner will be officially announced on the 16th and contacted via email.
  3. Any user can make as many entries as wished. No limits.
  4. To be valid, the project must have been created using one or more FABtotum’s tool(s).
  5. 3D designs are not to be considered valid if not completely realized.
  6. All the entries must contain a mention to us and our feedback will be considered as confirmation of the validity of the project.
  7. Likes and shares will all count as one vote and if the project is shared on more than a social account they will be added together.
  8. Anything posted should not contain images or contents that may offend.
  9. FABtotum can decide at its sole decision to remove a project from the contest if #8 is not respected.

Any doubt?
Write us!

Now, go and get your FABtotum on!