FABtotum’s Community Highlights: multifunction tests from Japan

High quality 3D printing: Sapphos Head by FABtotum's Community

Hi all,
with today’s Community Highlight we would like to introduce you a very skilled Japanese guy: he got a very first FABtotum model and then updated it little by little during these years. He owns a full set of heads, included the recently released Laser Head.
Hkora11, that’s his nickname on the web, is a great skilled guy who knows how to take the most out of all the FABtotum’s functions. 3D printing, CNC milling and now Laser engraving!
That’s the aim of having a multitool, right?

So, what does he do? Many things. He owns a blog where he shows his tries but it is written in japanese. That’s why we’ll get you a complete set of ideas: he speaks a little english, so do not be afraid and contact him if you have anything you want to know!


high quality 3dprinting fabtotum


3D printing shrenked
He started from the (probably) easiest of the FABtotum’s functions. Firstly, he used an Hybrid Head; then, he switched to a Printing Head V2. But! He needed to get small detailed figurines and he just worked hard in order to get the task completed. In his blog you can read dates are going back in the years. Among the most recent jobs there is the well finished bust here below. Printed with supports, Hkora11 replaced the nozzle with a custom made 0.2mm one. This small size allows him to reach a higher quality: the smaller the size, the greater the precision. Less material means thinner layers, which result in a smoother profile.




Milling 3D printer’s parts
As he needed a smaller nozzle he just created it. Yes, really. After some tries he managed to mill aluminium with enough precision and he then used the result to 3D print. He started from softer materials in order to set the file properly and then got the metal version. With a FABtotum there’s no need to 3D print metal. You can carve it with a Milling Head! Read more about the evolution of his trials on his blog.


Lasering: still testing
Could he resist to the temptation? Nope. He was one of the first to rush to get his Laser Head!
Soon after he started trying and he is still. We’ll wait to see some more, but we already know he’ll get something interesting to be shared. He well calibrated as he got the grey scale correctly pictured and he is already playing with some pictures. Let’s see what he will do!



Hkora11 has very good skills and we’re happy to have him among our users. Want to write him and get tips? Do that! Better if you can speak a bit of japanese!
That’s all for this post: we’d rather have you to interact between you so don’t be shy and ask if you are interested in what he does. Of course, let us know what you create, as we believe in our great Community and want to see it growing.

Got something you want to share with us? Have questions? Write us!



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