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3D printed R2-D2 from Star Wars

Sinan, AKA Kralmarks, is not new to complex builds. We already featured him on a previous Community Highlight: he doesn’t play around when it come to 3D printing complex projects. This last one is actually still in progress right now, but we tought we should share it anyway because the massive work involved is truly inspiring.

Kralmarks shared with us , over the course of months, a series of 3D printed parts. The sequence was something like this:

Is it an ashtray?

Is it a cool-looking space interior?

Is it a lamp?

If the cylinder shape didn’t give it out yet, that’s the droid you are looking for: R2-D2!

Kralmarks latest project is to build a functioning, remote controlled R2-D2 with Arduino and a wireless module. The chassis with legs, the dome and the “Utility arm” is composed by 350 Pieces. 350!

It took Kralmarks about 100 hours to print and another 2 months to clean,join and glue together everything, for an overall weight of around 4kg (around 5 spools!).

This iconic astro droid is a 1:2 scaled down version of the original but it’s still 55 cm tall!
It may look a little pale right now, but the little droid just need some priming and a paint job and will be ready to jump in his own 1:2 scale model of the X-wing, which we are sure Kralmarks might as well do next, given his persistance!

We can’t wait to see R2-D2 beep and roam around, as it would be one of the coolest “geeky” 3D prints made with the FABtotum.
So don’t keep us waiting, help us Kralmarks, you are our only hope!

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That’s all for this Community Highlight, Special thanks to Kralmarks!
Long live and prosp.. err I mean, may the force be with you!