Making Foldable Paper Models & Origamis with the Laser Head

  • Papercrafts & Stencils Making.

    Using the FABtotum Laser Head

Laser Cutter for Paper and Cardboard

Make your own foldable paper models and origamis

Laser cutter for paper and cardboard

Paper crafting with the laser head

With the FABtotum Personal Fabricator and the laser head module it’s possibile to cut paper and cardboard as well as some other non-toxic materials to create origamis, foldable models, pop-ups paper models, stencils and more.

With the working area as extended as the 3dprinting surface (200mm x 210mm) you can create various design without the need of compromising too much.

Stencils for arts & crafts

A stencil is a flat piece of material used to paint another material. With the laser head you can cut stencils and use them in your projects.
Just like stencils you can also cut adhesive tape and create custom stickers, provided it’s safe doing so.

Laser cut paper and cardboard to produce your own stencil with the laser head of 3D Printer FABtotum
How to use FABtotum laser head: laser cut paper, 3D laser printer, PCB prototype - Generating the design

Getting started: Generating the design

Creating a design is easy, you can start off by using  any CAD software or a dedicated design software that can export to DXF format.
If you are making a Pop Up paper model or a Kirigami you can use third party softwares like Pepakura Designer, and export it to DXF format.
You’ll be able later to select the desired cutting profile on the online laser application wizard.
If you opt to create your design, you’ll only need to assign , if needed, different layer for each type of line (cutting or engraving).
You’ll be later be able to choose speed and power of the laser in the online laser application wizard.

Preparing the Gcode

The online laser application, allows to quickly and effectively generate gcodes from raster images,dxfs (and soon other formats).
Engraving or cutting on a piece of cardboard is just a matter of loading the desired file and choose the right profile for the job.
Pre-cooked profiles can also be used as a starting point for more advanced profiles, and custom profiles can be exported and loaded on your computer too, for later use!

You can learn more on the dedicated Software Page.

How to use FABtotum laser head: laser cut paper, 3D laser printer, PCB prototype - Preparing the Gcode
  • Cut with the Laser Head

    Once the design is converted in the appropriate Gcode, you can simply upload it to the FABUI and execute it.
    For a step by step tutorial on how to run a laser job please look at the knowledgebase.