3D Printer Laser Head

  • Meet the Laser Head.

    Laser engraving and cutting for the FABtotum Personal Fabricator

Laser Head: the laser cutter
for your FABtotum Personal Fabricator

The laser head will help you getting the best from you Personal Fabricator

The FABtotum Laser Head is equipped with a A Class 3B laser module (up to 500mW), enough to both engrave and cut, depending on the chosen material.
It’s assembled from premium EU and US made components and optics, each one assembled and tested for continuos operations in our facility.
The Laser Head features a onboard active cooling with temperature control and smoke dispersion (to prevent damages to the optics).
The Laser Head also features realtime power tuning, so that you can correct the power of the output on some materials or have different levels of engraving.

It is not meant be a substitute for the Milling Head: these two can perform different tasks which cannot be achieved with the same head.
For example the Milling Head cannot engrave with the same precision an optical module can, but at the same time the Laser Head cannot cut thick materials or reflective surfaces.
The Laser Head, however is the winner when it comes to create stencils, engraving PCBs,  pictures, or cutting cardboard or balsa.

Boundled CAM software

Screenshot Software for Laser Head: 3D printer laser head for cutting and engraving

The Laser Head comes, for a limited time, bundled with our FABtotum’s laser online application.
With it and your source file you will be easily be able to generate the Gcode for your Fabtotum and Laser Head for all your needs:

  • PCB engraving with photosensitive masks( phositive and negative) from raster images
  • PCB engraving with photosensitive masks from Vectorial DXF.
  • Cardboard and paper Marking from raster images and DXF
  • Card and paper engraving from raster images
  • Balsa and Wood engraving from raster images
  • Balsa Cutting from DXF
  • Aluminum alloy engraving from raster.
  • Aluminum alloy marking from DXF.
  • Origami-like features with cut and fold lines on paper and cardboard

What is it possible to do with the Laser Head?

Picture Engraving and Marking

Picture engraving and marking with FABtotum laser head

Laser marking for Labs & Industry

Laser engraving and marking for labs and industry with Laser Head of 3D Printer FABtotum
3D laser printer: 3D printer laser head for cutting and engraving

Laser Head

The Laser Head features:

  • Manufactured and made in Europe, U.S. – made optics.
  • 2 lens glass assembly
  • 500mW laser module
  • Continuos and PWM mode
  • Standard Gcode Compatible
  • Onboard Cooling for continuos operations
  • Optical Shock Protection shield
  • Built-in smoke lens protection
  • Included protection goggles.
  • Online CAM service bundled until September 2017.