Development & Production update

Hi Everyone,
Here we are, back with another update.
Today we’ll be focusing on production and future plans.

But first lets start off with a little goal: we just surpassed the number of 400 FABtotum delivedered! Yay! In around one month we will have delivered all the Indiegogo units and we will start shipping the ones that have been purchased from our store. If you were among those of the first and second batch and you didn’t hear from us yet, please consider to write an email or check that the order page has been filled completely.

Production capability
During the last couple of months we promised to have a faster production rate to reduce delays. We weren’t able to keep that promise.
Considering the feedback collected we worked (and still are working to this date) in order to solve the reported issues.
As a result sometimes we have to wait newer components, we have to test a particular solution on the assembly line etc. For this reason from time to time you’ll see a slow down in production.
There is no need to worry, as this mean we are actively investing time in improving the device and ironing out usability and reliability issues for a limited period of time.

Development Activities
The FABtotum has been released just a few months ago, but this does not means the development process has stopped.
It is in fact more active then ever on many aspects of the machine.
To better keep track of it and report the direction in wich we are going, we redacted the Development Document for early 2015 activities.
The document focuses on user feedbacks, features we want to add and issues that required attention (and how we think we solved them)
If you are into community development, this is for you.
Last month the mechanical drawnings have been published over Grabcad.
Open source documentation of the project is growing month after month, and many projects have spurred around that.
We would like to to thank all the people who help us growing and share their ideas/projects as well!

Shows // Meet FABtotum
The FABtotum P.F. is travelling all around the world, so do we!
Starting with 3D Print Hub in Milan, then 3D print Show in Berlin and finally the LA Maker Faire, this spring we will be travelling a lot!
Make sure to drop by to meet us and the FABtotum Personal Fabricator!

From today we will start to do updates that will be posted on both the blog and the Indiegogo activity page when needed, so be sure to check both!