More planning! More machining! More testing!

hi there!
In the last couple of weeks we had some hard time keeping up with our daily life,so things slowed down a bit. Z axis is completed and tested,main frame is completed and tested,Y and X axis are 75% in the making, still  to be tested properly.

We took some time to organize the archives,document and print out all component specifications and give each of them a unique code id for quick reference.
Number of parts is pretty low (24) but many of them are similar to each other but with important differences,especially the X-Y axis parts, so we needed a way to easily recognize them.
In the next version we will adress this to reduce fabrication and assembly times.

We successfully tested Z speeds up to 2500mm/m with +/- 0.0001 mm teorical precision.
The testing electronics setup consist in a 12v 11A switching power supply, an Arduino Mega and a RAMP shield with 4 Pololus.
We are going to test everithing with standard Pulse/Dir electronics too,to make some comparisons with standard industrial/semi-professional CNC machines.
While we want to take some more time before showing the enclosed frame,we want to share some other custom components that we fabricated in the last couple of weeks.

First Z-axis test assembly!

The first Z-Axis  test assembly was a success.
During the assembly process we learned so much more on the structure, leading to improvements on overall weight and build volume we plan to implement.
The quality of the build is what makes us really proud!Look at all that metal! sweet!
Other stuff we will do soon is creating building masks for easily placing the components before bolting them! We will implement and test those soon,along with other fast production tecniques that have been suggested!
Coming soon: Z- trasmission and stepper motor testing.Y and X axis are already assembled and ready to bolted on the frame, but we are testing the Z axis first because it’s the most crucial to print quality.

Everything is looking good so far, we will show more and more details, culminating in the final unveil of the machine.