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Change the Head, change the function: One Box, Endless Projects.
A Multipurpose Tool for Professional Use at an Affordable Price.
3d printing, CNC Milling, laser engraving
Your All-In-One 3D Printer for All your Needings.

The World’s First Personal Fabricator.


World’s First Ever Operating System for 3D Printing.

User Friendly. Stable. Open Source. Free.



3D Prints all materials at High Resolution: the FABtotum Core opens up to an endless number of ideas and projects. The Printing Head is available in a PRO version as well.

  • 3D Prints all materials (PLA, ABS, TPU etc)
  • Interchangeable Nozzles
  • Heated Printing Area
  • Made In Italy Design


You can cut and engrave using the Milling Head and the FABtotum CORE. Work many different materials like Wood, Aluminum, Brass and Copper. Make Molds, Finished parts or PCB prototypes.

  • 200W Brushless motor
  • Cuts woods, foams, metals etc.
  • Engraves all surfaces, PCBs included
  • 14000 RPM Max


From 3D Printer to Laser Engraver in a few seconds: with a Laser Head a FABtotum Core can help the personalization of products, whether it is a prototype or a personal object.

  • Writes on all non-reflective surfaces
  • Cuts Paper and Cardboard
  • Etches PCBs
  • Safe for Home use
Cheap and professional 3D printing service

Make the Difference. Make More.

Imagine a rapid prototyping machine, built from the ground up to create almost anything.
Imagine a set of tools for making different objects with different techniques.
Imagine starting from physical objects or digital designs and a smart 3D printing software that can follow you everywhere.

In a world of boring 3D printers one idea can Make the Difference and leap beyond immagination.

  • Best Print-to-Printer Ratio
  • 3D Prints All Materials
  • 100% Made In Italy
  • FABUI Colibri: 1st OS for 3D printing
  • Cuts / Mills / Carves / Engraves

It’s what makers want for Christmas


I’m restraining myself from using Exclamation points


This box is capable of a pretty impressive array of maker activities


3D Designer

Are you a 3D Designer? A 3D Modeller? Then a FABtotum is The All In One Printer you need! Make More objects in different materials, use solid objects as a base for your 3D editing work or use the scanned items in your work.

Home Users & Makers

The FABtotum Core is the best Home 3D printer, it’s maker’s best friend! PCB milling, design and manufacturing is now easy, cheap and fast. Quickly prototype your ideas, make plastic, wooden, paper or metal components!


Architecture, Engineering, Design, Jewellery, R&D and more. The FABtotum Core PRO is the useful tool for prototyping or showcasing your works. Developed to be scalable and flexible, it adapts to your daily workflow and fits nicely in your office.

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