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Printing Head PRO: a solution for professional 3D printing

Made to Make

The Printing Head PRO is the first head module of the FABtotum PRO line, featuring improved precision, speed and efficiency.
Just like all expandable modules, it’s compatibile with all versions of the FABtotum Personal Fabricator, including the recently released Core Edition.

The Printing Head PRO is the definitive solution for all 3D printing manufacturing needs on the FABtotum Personal Fabricator platform.

Technologically superior

Being a Direct Drive printing head it features high precision filament control, hi-speed retractions and very high peak extrusion volumes, sensibly reducing print times and increasing accuracy.
The Printing Head PRO has also been designed to enhance repeatability even during intensive use.
With the Printing Head PRO the FABtotum Core Multipurpose Personal Fabricator is now capable of printing flexible filaments, exotic filaments and very complex structures with no extra complexity.
Thanks to our direct drive active retention mechanism it’s in fact very permissive of filament density and physical proprieties.

3D printer heads and supplies: The first Printing Head of the FABtotum PRO line
Serial production of prototypes with the 3D printing head PRO

Manufacturing Enhanched

The biggest advantage of the Printing Head PRO is its efficiency and ease of use during pre-production runs.
The Printing Head PRO can support continuos production runs and effectively run for days at a time: batch printing, serial production or pre-production runs are now more efficient than ever.
Thanks to FABtotum’s unique hi-torque gantry, speeds and efficiency are granted even for repetitive jobs despite the increased mass.
At lower speeds surface quality is also improved significantly.

  • Precision for your projects

A castel in high quality 3dprinting

Controlled Extrusion

Based on the V2 Nozzle design, the Printing Head PRO features exchangeable nozzles, serviceable hotend and more importantly a smooth and detailed surface finish.
Cooling is granted by a triple fan cooling system that ensures manufacturability even in the hardest spots on big and small objects with few or lots of separated parts.
Heating control  benefits from a dedicated power circuit that grants very quick heating and cooling during the pre-print phase and during the print job.
Very steep surfaces and bridges are no longer a trouble: that’s where the direct-drive system shows its potentials at the highest level.

Printing Head PRO: a solution for professional 3D printing

Printing Head PRO

The professional solution to all your FDM 3D printing needs.

  • Autonomous Direct Drive System;
  • Filament quick release lever;
  • Stainless steel protection shield;
  • Interchangeable brass nozzle (standard one is 0.4, optional 0.6 mm, more coming);
  • Thermistor and heating cartridge easily exchangeable for cleaning and servicing;
  • Extruder is made from a Full Metal Body with 6mm PTFE Liner;
  • Inox steel melting chamber, with heatbreak to stop thermal flow to the head;
  • Aluminium heat sink to cooldown the body and PTFE liner;
  • Max temp: 240°-250°;
  • Materials: PLA, PETG, ABS, NYLON (to be tested HIPS, PC).

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