Nozzle Height Calibration

The probe calibration sets the length of the FABtotum Personal Fabricator in order to be correctly be able to measure the distance from the bed.
Follow these instructions to correctly execute the probe calibration procedure.

  1. In the “Maintenance” menu select “Probe calibration”
  2. Now you can choose the assisted calibration or fine calibration.
  3. Choosing the “Assisted calibration”, will start the assisted calibration.
  4. Wait until the nozzle get hot (when it’s hot it’s longer due to thermal expansion).
  5. Put a piece of copy paper (80 g/m2). Wait for the probe to exit from its housing.
  6. Move the paper adjusting the height by pressing “Z+” or “Z-” until it barely rubs against the nozzle, then press “Calibrate”
  7. The unit will set the parameters. The procedure is completed.