Knowledgebase : Learn More about the FABtotum

Recently we have been working on moving the old FABtotum Wiki to the new Website. The result is a ever-growing collection  of guides and tutorials on 3D printing, Milling, CNC machining and all the other things connected. there you will find tutorials on how to set up and run your favourite slicing software, as well […]


FABTOTUM becomes part of Zucchetti Group

We are finally ready to share with you the announcement we have been longing for. FABTOTUM starts a new adventure together with Zucchetti Group. An agreement has been in the works for a while but today we are happy to unveil this big news, as FABtotum has secured an investment round and will continue his jurney […]


Dev Blog Update : FABUI 0.95x, FABtotum Core & More

With the introduction of the Development Document, a precise development  path has been taken. After one year we have actually completed that journey, and we would like to share the results. The FABtotum CORE, the newest revision of the FABtotum Personal Fabricator platform is , simply put, the FABtotum Personal Fabricator in its most recent […]


Print Head V2 – Preview


PRISM development update

Hello everyone! We’d like to update you on the development of the PRISM module. Keep in mind that nothing is definitive or guaranteed to be part of the final version. Content of this update: Changes in vat & platform design Changes in the emitter design Electronics and screen design Changes in vat & platform design […]


Phase 2: Rome wasn’t built in a day

Dear all, We are closing all the necessary steps to present a renewed and Upgraded FABtotum Personal Fabricator. We are ready for it! Constantly improving, expanding (and yes, fixing) what is still the first and only commercially available multipurpose Personal Fabricator ever. This endeavour has been the toughest, and as pioneers we have to learn […]


Sneak Preview: Hybrid Head V2, Laser Head and…

Hi everyone! After a short break we are already back with some updates for you. Expect more in the near future, you’ll hear from us again really soon. In the meantime we can tell you that, after two years from the start and one of production/deliveries, we have a bunch of new things that will […]

Replicable Parts & Slicing Profiles

Hi Guys! Today we release a first batch of printable designs that are very usefull to all FABtotum users. These replicable parts will soon be pre-loaded on all units and licensed as CC-BY-SA. Along with those a new open source repository has been created to keep the slicing configuration binaries (and possibly other applications ) […]

Development & Production update

Hi Everyone, Here we are, back with another update. Today we’ll be focusing on production and future plans. But first lets start off with a little goal: we just surpassed the number of 400 FABtotum delivedered! Yay! In around one month we will have delivered all the Indiegogo units and we will start shipping the […]