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FABUI COLIBRI: the world first OS for 3Dprinting


FABUI COLIBRI is finally ready for its first steps in the world. From today, it’ll be available for dowload. After a first trial period, it will then pop up as update for everyone. Want to try it immediately? Join the revolution!   All the FABtotum’s owners have got used to what the FABUI has always been: […]


FABtotum’s Community Highlights: a framed woodplate for your beloved one


Hi all, today is Valentine’s Day! But: we all know that we should show our love everyday. Still, today we are so keen on spoiling our beloved ones that we could not resist as well: that’s why for this Community post we decided to introduce you Chema Alfaya; he lives in Spain and has a […]

FABtotum’s community highlights: 3Dprinting a moving carousel


Dear all, these days have seen the Laser Head coming out on the store and quickly disappear again as you got them all in an hour or so. While we thank you once again for your overwhelming welcome, we still love the idea that with the FABtotum you can Make More. Today with a new […]

FABtotum releases the Laser Head


We have come to a final version of the much-awaited Laser Head, the addon which will make the world’s first Personal Fabricator even more multifunctional. The new module will add laser engraving and laser cutting on top of the 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D milling functions.   Easy, fast, useful The FABtotum Laser Head just […]

FABtotum’s community highlights: 3Dprinting a table football team

3d printing useful projects

Dear all, today it’s finally time for a third Community Highlight post. Christmas holidays have got us resting for some days but now we are back with a new protagonist. Today we would love to introduce you Carsten: he lives in Germany, where many FABtotums have been delivered during our lifetime. He has been using […]


FABtotum’s community highlights: CNC milling a wood plate


Hi all, here we are again! Time for a second Community Highlight has come. As said in the previous post, we are willing to let everyone see what a FABtotum lover can do! Today we would like to introduce you our friend Alessio Cavalieri: he is well known on the forums already, and he likes […]


FABtotum’s community highlights: multicolor 3D printing


Hi all! As we truly believe in it, we thought that our community deserved to be highlighted. Many of our customers have been sharing with us their jobs: it is a source of pride for us to show you all of them and surely a source of inspiration for all of you. So: from today […]


Milestone 2016 Recap


Last Saturday at the National museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci in the heart of Milan, FABtotum has officially presented the new FABtotum CORE: the all-in-one 3D printer, can incorporate 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Scanning and now Laser engraving. “The FABtotum personal Fabricator CORE is the result of more than 2 years of development and […]

FABUI 0.97 & FIRMWARE 96 are ready


Today a new release of the FABUI FABtotum user Interface has been released, head over to “Updates” page to get it on your FABtotum. While there is no big changes on the surface, the FABteam worked on bugs and minor improvements that all together get you a better experience. Surely you’ll love it. NOTICE ON […]