Best 3D Makers Projects: 3D trumphets toy

FABtotum’s Community Highlights: time to play!

Hi all,
we’re ready to share another story with you.
In these days many things are coming up, from events (have a look at our agenda!) to national holidays. But Giovanni Mancino, the protagonist of this Community Highlight, has so many projects alive he barely manage to get everything done right on time.

He has a small business starting up and here are a few ideas that came out of his FABtotum that will get him right where the people need him.
He has been using the FABtotum Personal Fabricator with an Hybrid Head and he got skilled little by little. Today he is pro user!


The Juventus Clock
Hard task for a guy who is an Inter FC supporter. You know italians are crazy for football. It was not too hard for the FABtotum though! This was one of his first tasks and was a gift for a friend.


Here is what it took:

  • 12 hours of modeling;
  • 14 hours of printing;
  • 0.5 hours to get everything together and sand off where he got too far with tolerances (we all know how disturbing tolerances can be, right?)

He used the colors of the team (black and white) and then designed a pink stand composed by two polygons forming the ball (the hexagon and the pentagon). The color represents the very first uniform, which had a pink t-shirt. As you can see from the pictures, he then needed to mount the motor and make the clock functioning. We’ll show you the picture of another clock he made just to get you an idea on how he could do this. So yes, he can 3D print clocks. Amazing right? But that’s not all!



And here you have the final look, of course it is completely functioning!


The Trumphets set
Here in Italy we normally give a small item as gift/souvenir for the special events. Everything is a good reason: from births to anniversaries, weddings, graduations, licences… just everything.
Giovanni made these cute trumphets for a guy who got his conservatory graduation in…well, that’s obvious, right?
Here is what it took:

  • 1.30 hours of modeling;
  • 3 hours of printing;
  • 7.50 hours of post processing.

Reading the numbers it is easy to understand that the hardest part was the latest. Easy to shape, easy to print…with lots of supports. As you may know, supports are the materials printed to preserve quality when angles and curves can be too difficult. The extras will sustain the final object so that nothing gets damaged or of poor quality. Supports then need to be scratched off gently. Depending on the used slicing software, they can be different in thickness, shape, and distance from the object. They need to be carefully set, otherwise they can be useless or, in the worst scenario, they can even damage the print.
Giovanni used a scalpel to make sure that all the small 3D printed trumpeths were nice in their gold PLA structure.
We really love the final result (and we can barely think of him trying not to get crazy while removing all the supports, considering it took a whole night until 6am)! Detailed, shiny, cute: they’re perfect to celebrate a graduation!


So, congratulation to the trumphet player but to Giovanni as well! He will soon have a Facebook page, we’ll share the link as soon as available.

If you want to contact him, tell us, we’ll do the trick for you.


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Wood engraving ideas. Made with love and FABtotum

FABtotum’s Community Highlights: a framed woodplate for your beloved one

Hi all,
today is Valentine’s Day! But: we all know that we should show our love everyday. Still, today we are so keen on spoiling our beloved ones that we could not resist as well: that’s why for this Community post we decided to introduce you Chema Alfaya; he lives in Spain and has a brand new FABtotum CORE, with all the tools. That’s why he could do what he did.

Chema wanted to get a present created for his second anniversary and could not resist but making one. He therefore realized a woodplate that he then put in a ABS 3D printed frame. A lot of work but he’s smart and he followed a very intelligent path to proceed. Also, he followed Alessio Cavalieri’s tips found on our previous post: that’s great to see how you learn from other users!



Designing the idea
He got nothing to start from but his willing to get the present customized. He therefore used Adobe Illustrator to draw the heart and the text: the vector image was then translated into a GCODE thanks to makercam, the online tool. In fifteen minutes he had the design ready to be engraved.
He also needed to get the frame outfitted: he actually completed the milling part first, so that he could get the right proportion. In around an hour everything was ready. This time, he used SketchUp.


Making it real
We all live in a digital era but the FABtotum is still working on getting your projects to materialize.
Chema needed to start from the engraving task as he needed to center the heart and the text. To get this done, he had to sand some material from the original piece of wood.

The letters needed a lot of precision, so he chose a V carve milling bit. When this kind of tool is used, the Milling Head should spin quite low as the bit itself is very fragile.
The woodplate was realized in a 2 hours task, with 0.1 increments on the Z-axis for a total of 10 passes. Again, speed was kept low to have a higher precision and avoid damages on the bit.
Tip: if you do not have a V-bit that can carve with such high details, you might need to resize everything so that the text still looks fine. As a reference, Chema used a 115x80x2 mm wood piece.
Once he knew the exact dimension of the plate, he could print the frame for a perfect fit. This task took three hours and it was realized with a FABtotum’s Carbon black ABS spool. Want to know the profile and the precise settings? Write him!



And…that’s it! The final look is just a great idea for a customized gift and today sounds even better. It just takes hours, so it’s a doable thing if you’re in a hurry! If you have a Laser Head, also, you can engrave the wood and get a whole picture or a more detailed jpeg reproduced.

So, that’s all for this Community Highlight and remember: it’s the thought that counts.
But if it is customized it’s better.

Got something you want to share with us? Have questions? Write us!
Want to ask Chema something? Write him!
We would like to thank Chema once again, keep following us!