Multipurpose Desktop Personal Fabrication

The FABtotum is a multipurpose tool, the world's first Desktop Personal Fabrication device: a modular 3D printing / 3d Milling / 3d scanning platform. 3D Print 3D models, cut or 3D Mill metals and woods for rapid prototyping, sue the built in 3D laser scanner to acquire geometries. Make More. The FABtotum Allows anyone to explore the endless possibilities of a multipurpose fabrication device.

Customize Your FABtotum

The FABtotum can be purchased alone or bundled with one or multiple modules.3D printing heads, Milling Heads and more coming soon: Laser Cutting head, Stereolithography, Head development kit. Thanks to the overall structure and the modular carriage system, The FABtotum can accommodate another subtractive or additive head on top, e.g. a more powerful motor, a small laser diode module for paper cutting, a pick and place clamp or a syringe for scientific applications (or to make pastry!). Heads can be developed and even sold freely. You could laser-cut parts, mill a double-sided PCB or even do some 4-axis plasma cutting...if you feel extreme. It's up to you to experiment!

Use all those techniques together to get the best out of The FABtotum. The FABtotum is available in various colors to fit perfectly in your studio, home, lab or office. The FABtotum is a small 36,6 cm cube which means it does not use all your precious desk space. All the printing material is stored inside the machine, leaving your desk free of filament spools.

3D Printing

The FABtotum is capable of 3D printing objects thanks to the Printing Head V2. Experimenting with designs and forms has never been cheaper and faster. The high speed PLA/ABS printing is the best way to go for a quick design prototype. With an improved precision, a good-looking prototype is possible as well. Our motion bearings and a new belt driving mechanism allow for smooth and fast prints.

With a very high build volume but relatively small general size (The FABtotum is only a 360x360x360mm cube!), it has a ~25% Print-to-Printer Size ratio - one of the highest ever. Removing printed objects from The FABtotum is really easy thanks to the removable printing plane. Fully automatic auto bed leveling or assisted bed leveling makes aligning the print surface a quick and painless process. The built-in heated hybrid bed V2 guarantees a smooth printing and great adhesion with short heating times. The glass platform is easy to clean and more scratch resistant than common polymer-based surfaces seen in other 3D printers.

CNC Subtractive Manufacturing

Sometimes 3D printing is not enough.

Thanks to a sturdy structure and unconventional technical solutions, The FABtotum can turn into subtractive machine without compromising 3D printing volumes or printing speeds. Just install the proper subtractive head. Switching to subtractive mode is easy: just remove and tilt the hybrid bed V2 to expose the milling plane with the built-in fixtures to secure your workpiece.

  • 3D milling on light materials (balsa, foam, light wood)
  • PCB milling : make your own circuit boards!
  • Engraving
  • 2.5 D Profiling (cutting) on light materials (balsa, foam, light wood)
  • CNC Pre-Drilling

Digital Aquisition

The FABtotum is capable of scanning solid objects with its built-in laser scanner (quick scan, medium quality) and one dimension (Z) touch probe digitizer (high accuracy, slow). Using this feature you will be able to unlock a whole new world: scan objects, modify or duplicate them, create new objects with foam or modelling clay, scan them for further editing in any modelling software, print them in additive mode or cut/mill in subtractive mode. The possibilities are endless!

Scanning objects means never running out of objects and shapes, you will be able to experiment with shapes or reverse-engineer objects around you by acquiring their dimensions with great detail. Freely print your scanned objects in The FABtotum Personal Fabricator or any other 3D printer without restrictions or DRM checks of any kind.

A Fully Networked Experience

The FABtotum is capable of printing autonomously (without being connected to a computer), from cabled LAN, Wireless LAN and even remotely from the Internet (Your Network must be properly configured for this), thanks to the FAB UI, the FABtotum User interface. Also, users and developers have access to a well known development ecosystem, the Raspberry Pi's Raspbian Linux distribution to develop more applications. The FABtotum feature a customized web management app, SSH and VNC server on the local network, so with one authorization code you can access all the functions of the machine: 3D Printing, 3D scanning, Milling, Diagnostics.

All these function are accessible not only from anywhere in your local network, but also on any device with web browsing capabilities. Enjoy the pleasure of printing remotely from your smartphone, tablet, your windows Pc, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS. You can use touch screens devices, mouse, keyboard - you name it!

Open Source

The FABtotum Personal Fabricator is meant to push the boundaries of personal fabrication. To do this we want to involve people in the design process as much as possible and allow them to modify and improve the machine to fit their own needs without restrictions. FABtotum allow the design and commercialization of third party heads to expand the machine capabilities.

The full documentations, including drawings and the reproduction of The FABtotum is allowed and encouraged under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 3.0 Unported Licence.

  • Full Schematics and instructions available online.
  • Open source Firmware and Software environment.
  • Easily customizable, expandable, easy to assemble.
  • Powered by a RAspberry Pi Mod B + Arduino ™ Derivate/Compatible Open Source Physical Computing Platform.
  • Uses industry standards and Open Source software.
  • Third party heads or parts can be built and sold freely to fit on the FABtotum


The FABtotum allows low cost personal fabrication without compromises. Finding the right conditions where you can have both decent subtractive and additive manufacturing in one small cube is not an easy task. We think we reached a good compromise between speed precision and strength thanks to unconventional movement transmission methods and structural solutions.

The FABtotum has been developed from industrial-grade components, wich are more reliable than ever.


System Overview

  • Classification Personal Fabricator CORE
  • Head : Exchangeable modular heads.
  • Capabilities: Hybrid Manufacturing, Digital Acquisition
  • Movement: 4 axis (5th axis port available)
  • I/O: Usb Host, Wifi B/g/n, Ethernet
  • Control: Standalone Network 3D Printer
  • Memory: 8GB onboard
  • Size: 366x366x366mm
  • Weight: ~12kg
  • Available Colors: Red,Black,White (Matte Finish)
  • Illumination : LED RGB Ambient light

3D printing

click here For a list of optional heads.
  • Volume : Max 214x236x242mm
  • Print Z layer height: 50,100 micrometers
  • Auto bed Leveling : Assisted, Automated
  • Z layer increments : 0.47 micrometers
  • Print to size-ratio: ~25%
  • Printing Speeds : up to 150mm/s
  • Speeds (rapids) : up to 400mm/s
  • Cooling : Fan/Turbine twin cooling system
  • Heated Bed : Hi-quality Glass Heated Bed (Double-face platform)

Subtractive Mode (milling,engraving)

click here For a list of optional heads and accessories.
  • Milling volume : 214x236x[milling bit height] mm
  • Milling Motor : 200W Brushless motor, Automatic RPM correction
  • Fan cooling : Twin fan cooling system
  • Working Plane : Structural Aluminum plate, with Fixtures (Double-face platform)
  • 4th axis : 4 axis chuck: 0.0017 deg/step resolution
  • Illumination : Working area LED,ambient
  • Dust Control : printable vacuum tube holder

3D scanner / Digital Acquisition

  • Modes : Photogrammetry, Rotating Laser scan, Sweep laser scan, Z-Probe Digitizer
  • Scan volume :Up to 3D printing volume depending on object and used mode(s)
  • Camera : 5Mp


  • Fabrication Area : Enclosed
  • Safety switches :Front Panel door
  • Overvoltage protection : built-in
  • Homing Endstops : On all 3 Axis
  • Safety Endstops : On all 3 Axis
  • Safety Config : Costumizable from the FAB UI

Software, Firmware

  • License : Open Source (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
  • Interface : FAB UI, open source web panel no 3D printing software needed
  • FAB UI Compatibility :PC, Mac, Tablet,Smartphones (Responsive web interface)
  • Mods & Plugins :Built in plug-in installer and updater tool
  • Updates : Automatic with internet connectivity (updates are not mandatory)

Package Content (FABtotum Personal Fabricator CORE)

  • FABtotum Personal Fabricator
  • Hybrid Heated Bed V2
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Cord (according to destination)
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Sample PLA filament

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