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MORE THAN A 3D PRINTER            

The FABtotum is the world's first Personal Fabricator..

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World's First Personal Fabricator


Makers, Students, Designers,
Engineers, Architects,
Digital artists...
Unleash your creativity!

The FABtotum is a 3D multi-purpose personal fabrication device. Print, Cut, Mill, Scan, Manipulate. Rinse and repeat. A seamless interaction between the physical and digital world

Additive Fabrication

The FABtotum is capable of 3d-printing plastic objects using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), to make simple or complex objects easily and cheaply with little or no skills involved. However, there is so much more to The FABtotum than 3D printing

Subtractive Fabrication

When a different material is needed, The FABtotum can switch to subtractive mode and cut or 3D-mill different materials like foam, wood or even aluminium or brass to expand the possibilities of what you can accomplish with a personal fabricator.

Digital Acquisition

Using the built-in 3D scanner you can acquire a solid object, save it on your PC as a 3D model, make changes in your favourite 3D modelling software, or make a 3D print in many materials right away!

Digital Artists

Are you a designer? A 3D modeller? Get some modelling clay and shape your ideas! Use The FABtotum for a quick scan or a hi-precision acquisition. Make more objects in different materials, use solid objects as a base for your 3D editing work or use the scanned items in your work.


The FABtotum is the maker's best friend! PCB milling is now easy and cheap. Quickly prototype your ideas, make plastic, wooden or metal components or casings, scan and reverse engineer designs and solid objects!


Architecture, Engineering, Design, Jewellery and more. The FABtotum can be a useful tool for prototyping or showcasing your works. The FABtotum has been developed to be scalable and flexible to adapt to your daily workflow and fit nicely in your office space.


The FABtotum is open to improvements and suggestions, with easy access to open source software and schematic diagrams.The FABtotum is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-commercial, Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

The real progress occurs only when the advantages of a new technology become accessible to everyone. The FABtotum is made with the industrial-grade components and has superior functionality, but it costs less than most 3D-Printers today.

Stylish, costumizable in many colors, with a 366x366x366mm volume and a huge print-to-size ratio 210x240x240 XYZ: The FABtotum is a champion of design and performance optimization. Easy access to the fabrication plane, user safety and low maintenance are guaranteed.

Finding the right conditions for a decent quality subtractive and additive manufacturing is not an easy task. We think we reached a good compromise between speed, precision and strength thanks to our unconventional solutions.

Factotum [fac·to·tum] : noun

A person, as a handyman or servant, employed to do all kinds of work around the house.

Fabtotum [fab·to·tum] : noun

A personal, multipurpose digital production and physical fabrication and replication device.


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